jazz soloists

jazz soloists
   Jazz, though cosmopolitan, is thoroughly integrated into British culture. Several overseas musicians work here, including Argentinian-born Lalo Schifrin and saxophonist Julian Arguelles. Colin Towns, who is best known for his scores for television dramas such as Our Friends in the North, has orchestrated many talented indigenous jazz soloists in his attempts to produce a synthesis of postwar orchestral jazz. He has devised concerts based on the work of musicians known for their work in Loose Tubes. Among soloists he has used are Nigel Hitchcock (flute), Pete King (saxophone), Mark Nightingale (trombone), Gerard Presencer (flugel-horn and trumpet) and Alan Skidmore (tenor sax). Other names well-known nationally are Winton Marsalis, Courtney Pine and Guy Barker.
   See also: jazz funk

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